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I'm a retired University lecturer currently living in the UK and France. From 2001 until 2010 I served as an elected member of the local council in La Chapelle Enjuger, Normandy. I retain an interest and involvement in all things to do with academic integrity and I'm a passionate follower of WW2 history, particularly the battle of Normandy.

I support campaigns against injustice, particularly where vulnerable people are concerned. I'm currently involved in generating awareness of the financial abuse suffered by many self-funding care home residents.

Who is the site aimed at?

The above 'Care' link gives more detail about financial abuse in care homes and includes a link to a case study from Middlesbrough. Most pages, found by clicking 'invitations', are only of interest to and reserved for members of my family, school alumnus and friends.

How I became involved with the care home issue

In 2010 a family member entered long-term residential care. Since then I've become aware of a most despicable exploitation of some elderly care home residents. This takes the form of discriminatory pricing between local authority funded residents and those who don't qualify for means tested council help and are required to pay for their own care.

In 2013 I undertook some basic research in the Middlesbrough area of North East England, which highlighted the extent of the problem there. In addition to challenging care home owners, with the help of a local councillor I've pursued an ongoing battle with the local authority to persuade them to use their safeguarding powers to investigate what I believe is a financial abuse of elderly and vulnerable people.

I intend to continue to pressurise all those who could bring about an end to this injustice and if you have an elderly friend or relative in residential care please read the contents of my 'Care' link. If you live in the Middlesbrough area, please get in touch.